EKF Executive Committee paves way for European Karate’s future events

EKF Executive Committee paves way for European Karate’s future events

The Executive Committee of the European Karate Federation (EKF) today met via videoconference to discuss the upcoming events of the organisation and the development plans of European Karate.

Headed by EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós, and with members joining remotely, the meeting had the review of the EKF competition calendar and the EKF’s long-term schedule among the main points of the agenda.

The celebration of the EKF’s major upcoming events was agreed upon. Armenia was formally approved by the Executive Committee for the EKF Seniors in 2025 following the support of the official Armenian sports authorities thus replacing the previously forfeited bid of Azerbaijan to host the event.

In 2026, the previous proposal to organise the Senior Championships in Ukraine was considered void due to the situation in the country. The Executive Committee decided to look for a host for the event in replacement of Ukraine.

The EKF Executive Committee also agreed to appoint former World and European champion Konstantinos Papadopoulos as the Technical Commission chairman.

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

“The progress of Karate in Europe is ensured for years to come, and I am pleased to note that all the members of the Executive Committee share the vision that by working together and maximizing our events, we can build a lasting and successful legacy for our sport in Europe.

“I want to thank all the members in attendance today for their contribution to the progress of Karate in the continent and for collaborating in making Karate one of the most popular disciplines in Europe.”