Day 2: U21 Categories Put Future Stars of Karate on Spotlight

Day 2: U21 Categories Put Future Stars of Karate on Spotlight

The exhilarating action at the EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships in Tbilisi continued on the second day, with U21 athletes showcasing their skills and determination.

U21 Kumite Female -50 kg: Zuzanna Bernaciak vs Chloe Breuzard

In a thrilling category of U21 Female Kumite -50kg, Zuzanna Bernaciak of Poland will face off against Chloe Breuzard of France. Bernaciak emerged victorious after a hard-fought battle in the semifinals against Valeriia Sergaieva of Ukraine with a score of 5-3. Breuzard secured her spot in the final by defeating Mireia Vizuete Olivenza of Spain with a score of 3-1.


U21 Kumite Female -55 kg: Nina Kvasnicova vs Kseniya Dronchanka

Nina Kvasnicova of Slovakia and Kseniya Dronchanka of Poland showcased their dominance in the U21 Kumite Female -55kg. Kvasnicova secured the final spot with a commanding 5-0 victory over Iman Ejja of Belgium, while Dronchanka displayed her skill with another 5-0 victory against Aysima Hatice Kurt of Turkiye.


U21 Kumite Female -61 kg: Emina Sipovic vs Hana Debeljak

Emina Sipovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hana Debeljak of Slovenia delivered captivating performances in U21 Kumite Female -61kg. Sipovic faced a tough challenge against Darya Yervacheva of Ukraine, resulting in tight victory 12-12. Meanwhile, Debeljak emerged victorious with a narrow 3-2 victory over Ashley Kakiay of the Netherlands.


U21 Kumite Female -68 kg: Anna Pia Desiderio vs Elina Sieliemienieva

In a demonstration of skill and determination, Anna Pia Desiderio of Italy and Elina Sieliemienieva will clash for gold in U21 Kumite Female -68kg. Desiderio defeated Behije Mustafa of Kosovo with a score of 3-0 in the semifinals while Sieliemienieva secured victory with a 4-0 win against Hannah Riedel of Germany.


U21 Kumite Female 68+ kg: Zeyna Gaballa vs Nikolina Golombos

Zeyna Gaballa of Turkiye and Nikolina Golombos of Croatia showcased their dominance in the category of U21 Kumite Female +68kg. Gaballa secured victory with a 3-1 win against Melina Ibrahimovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Golombos emerged triumphant with a 3-0 victory against Amelie Luecke of Germany.


U21 Kumite Male -60 kg: Ahmed El Amine Hellal vs Anass Abdelmalki

Ahmed El Amine Hellal of France and Anass Abdelmalki of Belgium battled it out to reach the final of U21 Kumite Male -60kg. Hellal emerged victorious in the semifinals with a 4-2 win against Mert Halici, while Abdelmalki secured victory with a 2-1 win against Mads Christensen of Denmark.


U21 Kumite Male -67 kg: Ika Sulamanidze vs Bekir Grabus

Ika Sulamanidze of Georgia and Bekir Grabus of Bosnia and Herzegovina displayed their skill in their quest to the final of U21 Kumite Male -67kg. Sulamanidze secured a convincing 4-0 victory against Davyd Yanovskyi of Ukraine, while Grabus emerged victorious in a closely contested match against Alessandro Di Marco of Italy.


U21 Kumite Male -75 kg: Omer Faruk Yurur vs Heorhii Pitsul

Omer Faruk Yurur of Turkiye claimed gold with a 4-1 victory against Mario Iannuzzi of Italy. Heorhii Pitsul of Ukraine secured victory against Anzor Donadze of Georgia. The two representatives from the powerhouse nation of the sport will meet in the anticipated final of U21 Kumite Male -75kg


U21 Kumite Male -84 kg: Vitomir Trajkovski vs Gor Nersisyan

Vitomir Trajkovski of North Macedonia emerged victorious with a 2-1 win against Salih Halilovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gor Nersisyan of Armenia secured victory with a 5-3 win against Konstantinos Binas of Greece. The final of U21 Kumite Male -84kg will therefore see a clash between the top hitters from North Macedonia and Armenia.


U21 Kumite Male 84+ kg: Anes Bostandzic vs  Osman Osmanli

In a thrilling final, Anes Bostandzic of Bosnia and Herzegovina will fight for the title against Osman Osmanli of Azerbaijan. Bostandzic secured victory with a 5-4 win against Matteo Avanzini of Italy. Osman Osmanli of Azerbaijan emerged victorious after a tough battle against Kadir Furkan Genc of Turkiye 6-6.


With such impressive performances, the competition in Tbilisi continues to captivate the attention of fans, promising even more excitement in the final day.