Revamped EKF Technical Commission Meets in Tbilisi

Revamped EKF Technical Commission Meets in Tbilisi

The Technical Commission of the European Karate Federation (EKF) gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia on the eve of the 2024 EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships. This significant meeting marked the inaugural Chairmanship of the newly appointed Commission head, Konstantinos Papadopoulos.

Under the leadership of EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós, the meeting served as a pivotal platform for discussions and decisions aimed at enhancing the technical aspects of Karate within the European continent. With a focus on ensuring the smooth conduct of the forthcoming championships, the commission discussed on the definition of the action boundaries of a continental Technical Commission and its rightful coordination with the EKF Executive Committee and the WKF Technical Commission for conveying proposals.

President Antonio Espinós expressed his confidence in the newly appointed Chairman Konstantinos Papadopoulos and the collective capabilities of the Technical Commission to navigate the evolving landscape of karate.

Mr Espinós said:

“As Karate continues to gain momentum and attract enthusiasts worldwide, collaborative efforts such as the ones displayed in this Technical Commission are instrumental in elevating the level of excellence of our sport and ensuring its continued success on the international stage. I am convinced that under the management of new chairman Konstantinos Papadopoulos, this Commission will act as the forum where the progress of our sport germinates.”

The meeting had all the Commission members in attendance, including Deputy Chairman Dominique Sigillo and members Gilles Cherdieu, Luca Valdesi, and Dusana Augustovicova. EKF General Secretary Davor Cipek and EKF Executive Committee member and WKF Athletes’ Commission chairman Davide Benetello also participated in the meeting.

(Top picture: EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós addresses the EKF Technical Commission)

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós (left) and EKF Technical Commission chairman Konstantinos Papadopoulos.

The newly formed EKF Technical Commission in session.