EKF Congress Paves Way for Continuous Progress of Karate in Europe

EKF Congress Paves Way for Continuous Progress of Karate in Europe

The Congress of the European Karate Federation (EKF) met in Zadar (Croatia) on the eve of the 59th EKF Senior Championships. The meeting was presided over by EKF and World Karate Federation (WKF) President Antonio Espinós and hosted by Croatian Karate Union President and EKF General Secretary Davor Cipek; the importance of cooperation among European federations to sustain the growth of the sport was as one of the main elements of discussion of the gathering.

The key points on the agenda included progress reports from the EKF President and General Secretary, alongside updates from 2023 European Games Technical Delegate Konrad Poltorzecki, EUSA Technical Delegate Luke Pozgaj, as well as EKF Technical Commission Chair Konstantinos Papadopoulos. The Congress also reviewed the finances of the organization, as introduced by EKF General Treasurer Mike Dinsdale.


Moreover, the meeting provided a platform for other important discussions, including presentations on upcoming events. Plans were outlined for the 2024 WKF Youth Camp to be held in Porec (Croatia), and the 2025 EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, with the Congress confirming that the 2025 EKF Senior Championships will be held in Yerevan, Armenia. Meanwhile, the 2026 EKF Senior Championships were appointed to be held in Germany in replacement of Ukraine.


President Espinós took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the Croatian Karate Union and its President Davor Cipek for their efforts in preparing for the Congress and the upcoming championships.

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós during his report.

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós said:


“We are thankful for the incredible support and commitment from the Croatian Karate Union. Their dedication has ensured a memorable week for everyone involved, and I am convinced that with the hard work of the Croatian Karate Union, its President Davor Cipek and its team, the tremendous impact of Karate in Europe will be again highlighted this week in Zadar.


“The progress of Karate in Europe is remarkable, and we must maintain our unity to continue this success. In the years that I have been leading this organisation, it has not always been easy, but I can say now that the EKF is a united, successful, and tremendously respected organisation thanks to our unity and all your joint efforts.”



With the 59th EKF Senior Championships set to begin, attendees left the meeting with a sense of anticipation for the competitions ahead and a renewed commitment to furthering karate’s development across the continent.


Top picture: Representatives of 40 National Federations gathered at the EKF Congress in Zadar.


The EKF Congress in Zadar showcased the unity of European Karate.

Croatian Karate Union and EKF General Secretary Davor Cipek welcomed the 40 National Federations represented at the Congress.

Polish Karate Union president Pavel Poltorzecki presented the 2025 EKF Cadet, Junior & U21 Championships in Bielsko-Biala.

The president of the Karate Federation of Armenia Vazgen Harutyunyan introduced the 2025 EKF Senior Championships to be held in Yerevan.

EKF Technical Commission chair Konstantinos Papadopoulos during his presentation in Zadar.

The finances of the organisation were approved after the presentation of EKF General Treasurer Mike Dinsdale.

German Karate Federation President and EKF 2nd Vice President Wolfgang Weigert thanked the Congress for the appointment of Germany as host of the 2026 EKF Senior Championships.

Croatia’s Luka Pozgaj presented both the EUSA Championships and the WKF Youth Camp.

2023 European Games Technical Director Konrad Poltorzecki presenting the outcome of the Karate competition at the 2023 edition of the multisport event.

All the representatives of EKF National Federations attending the Congress.

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós.

The president of the Luxembourg Karate Federation addressed the audience.